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Barbados boasts 60 beaches across 70 square miles and offers a variety of different beaches on the west, south, east and north... more »

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Sport / Adventure

With its 3000 hours of sunshine per year, pleasant climate and refreshing winds Barbados has ideal conditions for several... more »

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The best way to explore the rich cultural heritage of Barbados is to visit the handful of historic sites and properties. All... more »

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Since the arrival of the English in 1627, Barbados has enjoyed a storied history as a noted entrepôt and trading center... more »

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Spa & Wellness

Whilst the caressing warmth of Barbadian sunshine, hypnotic resonance of ocean waves along the shore and the enchanting... more »

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When the sun goes down in Barbados, the party is just beginning. From beach, wine and sports bars to jazz, reggae and... more »