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Carnet de route de la Barbade

Intimate Hotels of Barbados

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The Intimate Hotels of Barbados also known as "The Small Hotels of Barbados" is a non-profit company formed under the umbrella of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA) in February 2000.

Its goal is to bring together small, independent, indigenously owned hotels and apartments in a cooperative environment in order to effect sustainable growth in product and service quality through the facilitation of marketing and management services.

Intimate Hotels represents 50 Barbados hotels, apartment hotels, guesthouses and villas located all around the island of Barbados.
With the slogan "We make Barbados affordable for you" they established a trademark that symbolises uniqueness, quality personalised service, reliability, affordability, comfort and offers a truly Barbadian experience.

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B.H.T.A Building
4th Avenue, Belleville
Bridgetown, St. Michael