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Carnet de route de la Barbade

Radisson Aquatica Beach Resort Barbados

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Barbados' southwest coast has received the Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados on the pictureseque Carlisle Bay.

The 124-room property, the former Grand Barbados Hotel, had a soft opening in February 2013 as a newly refurbished resort! This resort is ideal for families, couples, business travelers and conference attendees alike who appreciate basking in the Caribbean sun or simply admiring the stunning sunsets. With 124 newly refurbished rooms and suites, Aquatica Beach Resort boasts 5 Piers Suites, ideally located on the private 260ft Victorian Pier that was recently named a United Nations World Heritage Site.

Facilities include contemporary guestrooms, a fitness center, complimentary property-wide Wifi, separate pools for kids and adults, meetings space and an over-the-water restaurant and bar.

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PO Box 639
Aquatic Gap, St. Michael
Bridgetown, Barbados